Lightspeed Media specializes in ecommerce, traffic brokering, search engine optimization, and internet marketing and sales.

We've helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies get more customers to their websites, and more business from their website customers.

We've received the highest award from "Internet weekly" for 3 years in a row for excellent products, performance, and commitment to our clients.

Our corporate goal is to use our expertise to make the Internet a viable and preferred tool for marketing, sales, and ecommerce.

Why choose a marketing consultant?
As the owner of a small business, there are a number of occasions when you might be considering the use of an external marketing consultant:

You are looking for business growth.
You are looking to reverse recent business decline.
You are looking to launch new products or services.
You feel that the energy you are putting into your business is not turning into sufficient sales/profits. Your current resources could be more appropriately targeted.

If any of these apply to you, then you need to contact Lightspeed Media.


Lightspeed Media
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