Steve Jones
Chief Executive Officer
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Steve Jones has worked as programmer for a number of companies including Costo, Bank of America, and other companies. Steve founded New Millennium Software in 1995 and wrote custom programming for companies involving merchant accounts.

Richard Buss
Chief Operations Officer
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After working five years in the telecommunications sector with Pacific Bell in California, Richard created his own web site design company Zakdesign. After three years of running Zakdesign and graduating college with a degree in computer technology, Richard and his family moved to Phoenix to help found Lightspeed Media with Steve Jones.

Chad Rae
Traffic Manager
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Chad has worked for a number of large companies including Southwest Bell, AOL, as a network engineer since 1993. Chad understands how traffic moves around the Internet and can work with you to get more traffic - and sales - to your site.

Shannon Jones
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Since 1986 Shannon has held a number of various positions in accounting for Costco and Ben Herr Jewelers in Washington State.

Lousia Brandon
Communications Director
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Responsible for relaying information to internal and external clients, Lousia has worked for a number of Internet based companies in the Phoenix area.

Bryan Young
Senior Webmaster
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Bryan has worked for a number of Internet based companies in the Phoenix area creating web pages. With four years of experience making web pages, Bryan is mostly responsible for keep our clients web sites fresh and updated.