Lightspeed Media provides a large array of Internet services. While
focusing on web design and marketing, Lightspeed also provides full time
consultation and helps bring our clients to the next level of their

Customized Web Design
Our team of highly qualified web designers work one-on-one with clients
to create a website that follows along with the Company's
characteristics and values. Brand logos, colors, image identity
features, etc are carefully analyzied and incorporated into the web

Intranet and Extranet
With over 30 years experience combined, our computer programmers have
developed an easy to use system for keeping your company connected,
inside and out. Extranet is your way of keeping in touch with your
customers through public or private websites. The Intranet will help
your employees stay connected. Employees can log into a central secure
website to find out the latest happenings, updates, meeting times, etc.

Customized Programming
Have a database already in place? Looking to upgrade to something
better, and faster? Our team can help! We can provide you with an
affordable solution to better manage your database. We take your input
to create a system that's perfect for your business needs!

Targeted Marketing
You need traffic to your websites to sell your products. Our marketing
team has access to hundreds of high-traffic, affordable resources to
bring targeted customers to your site!